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  Torah Class    Old Testament Bible Study for a New Testament Understanding Torah is the Hebrew word for the first 5 books of the Bible and it is the foundation of the Old Testament just as the Old Testament is the foundation of the New. The Old Testament (Tanach) is the Holy Scripture that Jesus (Yeshua, in Hebrew) taught from, and His Disciples referred to, since there was no New Testament until well after the time of the Apostles that succeeded Him. The Old and New Testaments are inseparable and only when used together do we have a complete, unified, divinely-inspired Bible. Torah Class cross-references the Torah and Old Testament passages with New Testament passages to reveal their seamless continuity.  

Some excellent teaching from a Hebrew perspective  Video Messages  

MALACHI (Book of Malachi)  Massoretic, Hebrew, Aramaic, JPS, Kaplan texts of Genesis from the Jewish Publication Society Bible

Malachi Jewish Encyclopedia

Malachi text with Rashi’s commentary – Complete Jewish Bible

Malachi – Expositor’s Bible Commentray

Expository Notes on Malachi  Thomas L. Constable expository notes on Malachi.

Contemporary English Version (CEV) (Book of Malachi) On-Line

New International Version (NIV) (Book of Malachi) On-Line

New English Translation (NET) (Book of Malachi) On-Line   

New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) (Book of Malachi) On-Line

Malachi  – at Luther Seminary’s Enter the Bible. Study basics about Bible books, people, dates, places.

Malachi     Wikipedia

Book of Malachi   Wikipedia

Malachi Walk Thru the Bible

Malachi  – Geneva Study Bible

Malachi  – Matthew Henry’s Commentary

Malachi  – Wesley’s Explanatory Notes

Malachi – Robert Jamieson’s Commentary

Critical and Explanatory on the whole Bible

Malachi – Scofield Reference Notes

Malachi – Dr Bob Utley

Malachi – World Wide Study Bible

Malachi – Bible Notes

Commentary 10 : Hosea to Malachi        Charles Simeon  

Zechariah-Malachi     Calvin’s Commentaries

A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi, and Jonah  


Introduction to  Malachi  David Malick

An Argument of Malachi – Outline  David Malick

Outline of Malachi                    Robert Dunston

Introductory Matters Concerning Malachi                    Robert Dunston

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Old Testament Gateway - ydyc.org

Men Spake from God                                   H.L. Ellison

Study on Malachi                         Hampton Keathley, IV

Malachi                               Homer Heater Jr

Malachi                               Eugene H. Merril

Approaching a Theology of Malachi                        Brian Froese

Studies in the Book of Malachi                            Allen Ross

C.J.H. Wright’s ‘Ethical Triangle’ and the Threefold Structure of Malachi   E. Ray Clendenen

Life and Literature of the Early Period  Gerald A Larue

Rulers of Egypt and Palestine – Intertestamental Dennis Bratcher  offers a chart  with brief comments of the Seleucid, Ptolemaic, and Maccabean/Hasmonian control of Palestine between the time of the death of Alexander of Macedon and the Roman occupation under Pompey (323 – 63 BC).

A Valentine for Those Who Fear Yahweh: The Book of Malachi  Ralph W. Klein

The Post Exilic Prophets Obadiah, Joel, Haggai. Malachi                                     Bob Utley

  Malachi                            Stephen J Cole

Studies in the Book of Malachi                  Allen Ross

  The Prophecy of ‘Malachi’              Charles Cutler Torrey

The Promise of the Arrival of Elijah in Malachi and the Gospels                       Walter C. Kaiser Jr

2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Isaiah, Micah, Psalm, Hosea (Isaiah Prophesies Judgment and the Messiah, also, Micah and Hosea Prophesy and Hezekiah is Faithful)  David Colburn   

Malachi (God’s selection of Israel, priestly apostasy, rebellion, resistance, repentance, and restoration)      David Colburn      

Literary Connectors and a Haggai / Zechariah / Malachi Corpus                   Ronald W. Pierce

Wakening a Sleeping Metaphor: A New Interpretation of Malachi 1:11               Ake Viberg

Malachi 1:11 and the Worship of the Nations in the Old Testament               Miss J. G. Baldwin

And He Shall Purify: an Exposition of Malachi Chapters Two and Three                            John B. Taylor

Fire in God’s House: Imagery from Malachi 3 in Peter’s Theology of Suffering (1 Pet. 4:12-19)                         D.E. Johnson

Fire in God’s House: Influence of Malachi 3 in the NT                              John Proctor

Once Again: Investigating the Identity of the Three Figures Mentioned in Malachi 3:1               S D Snyman

Refiner’s Fire and Laundry Soap: Images of God in Malachi 3:1-4               Frederick J. Gaiser

God’s Immutability: A Proof Text                                       Dennis Bratcher

“Will a Man Rob God?” (Malachi 3:8): A Study of Tithing in the Old and New Testaments                Andreas J. Kostenberger and David A. Croteau

Malachi 3:16: ‘Book of Remembrance’ or ‘Royal Memorandum’? An Exegetical Note  David C Deuel

Elijah the Peacemaker: Jewish and Early Christian Interpretations of Malachi 3:23-24                    Lawrence Frizzell

Eighth Century Minor Prophets: Amos, Hosea, Jonah And Micah                                         Bob Utley

Restoration of Israel                               Bill McRae

Divorce in the Prophets: Discipline or Adultery?                  William F. Luck, S

Old Testament Gateway - ydyc.org   Could you please help by notifying us if you notice any broken links on this site.


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