Why Does My Boyfriend Always Want to Touch Me?

Listen up. We’re here today to talk about the wonderful mystery that is human behavior. Don’t ask why, it just happened. Maybe it’s the peculiar fascination we have for reality shows or those oh-so invasive psychological tests. We’ve got a seemingly harmless situation unfolding here – a touchy-feely boyfriend. Let’s not jump the gun and throw the “creeper” label just yet.

First, we need to get a lay of the land. It’s in a relationship, that pretty unexpected, make-or-break, joyride of life. Remember Adam and Eve, those first love birds? Yeah, Eve took the apple, but you can’t deny there was some touch involved.

Is this your boyfriend, BTW?

Anyway, before we pull this thread too far, the whole point of this gig is to get to the crux of why some boyfriends might be making a hobby out of touch football with their girlfriends. No offense to touch football, it’s mighty fun, but you get the point.

Stick with me, kiddo, and we might just surprise you with what we dig up. Brace yourself, we’re steering away from the shore and heading into the deep, uncharted territory of human interaction. And there won’t be a “viewers discretion” warning. Kiss the safety of your easy-to-digest sitcoms and romance novels goodbye, and prepare to enter the wild, unpredictable jungle of real relationships. Let’s do this!

Reasons That Are Rooted In Biology

Welcome to Bio 101 – don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz. Let’s start with basics. Humans, like puppies or kittens that make us squeal on Instagram, crave physical connection. Remember the story of John the Baptist in the wild, honey and locusts diet notwithstanding, even he was looking for connection, from a spiritual angle maybe, but the baseline remains the same. It’s in our nature, simple as that.

Now, let’s shine the spotlight on a particular superstar, Oxytocin. Ah, doesn’t that name just ooze mystery and excitement? Yeah, sure, it’s technically a hormone, but we’re going to call it the cuddle chemical. This little miracle causes that delightful mood lift when you get a bear hug, or you know, when your boyfriend can’t keep his mitts off you.

Speaking of which, let the man be a man. No, not in a Jane Austen novel sense, this ain’t Pride and Prejudice. But men, yes, the plaid-wearing, game-watching species, they express affection through touch. It’s in their manual, somewhere between not asking for directions and owning too many sneakers.

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The Emotional Reasons Behind The Touch

Get this. We humans are a mushy, emotional mess. We thrive on feelings and attach meanings to everything, like linking affection with love. Remember the Book of Genesis? God showed His love for Adam and Eve by clothing them, a sweet yet metaphorical petting of sorts.

Now, don’t go stone-cold on me because I mentioned the dreaded ‘L’ word, love. This ain’t a glossy magazine’s relationship advice column or a tacky rom-com. It’s nitty-gritty real life. Fact is when someone turns your heart into their favorite drum kit, a gentle graze of their hand against yours, can make you feel like you’ve hit the jackpot, emotionally speaking.

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Speaking of attachments, it’s not just a thing for email anymore, eh? We crave intimacy. And you don’t need a psychology doctorate to hitch that train. Intimacy – the legit, bone-deep sort, not the overused Hollywood trope – it’s about connection. Remember Samson and Delilah? That’s one heck of an intense attachment, and look how that turned out – don’t get any hair-cutting ideas though.

Bottom line: Touch makes us feel safe, comforting like that ridiculously oversized sweater you refuse to ditch. Blame it on evolution, all those touchy-feely ancestors feeling safe together in hard times.

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Now don’t tear your hairs out overthinking this.

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Touch as a Form of Communication

Ever played charades? Remember that hilariously frustrating thrill you get when your partner tests the limits of human sanity by acting out ‘The Lord of the Rings’ in under two minutes? Well, that’s non-verbal communication for you. It’s about expressing a Shakespeare play without uttering a word. And let’s be real, it’s pure witchcraft.

Remember when Moses parted the Red Sea? Sure, he had verbal orders from the Big Guy but a whole lot was communicated by that magical staff of his, waving it around and stirring up some serious miracles.

Now, we’re getting into the soup of l’amour – the expression of attraction and desire. So, here’s the shocker! Not everyone goes yodeling from rooftops about their feelings. Some people just… touch. They might annoyingly poke you, wrap you in a bear hug, tickle you breathless, or even steal your french fries. Boyfriends, eh?

And last but not least, the comforting touch, the world’s oldest, and arguably, the cheapest therapy. It soothes, it heals, like a fresh cup of grandma’s chicken soup when you’re down with a pesky cold. Remember how the Good Shepherd, Jesus, healed with a touch? It clearly isn’t a new fad.

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Approach to Handling The Situation

Now listen here, we got one fundamental tenet of relationships. And no, it ain’t about sharing Netflix passwords. It’s this little thing called consent. Remember the golden rule? “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It wasn’t just Jesus getting philosophical. No sir, that was millennia-old relationship advice!

Look, we’re all for affection, but let’s not forget, darling, it’s your personal space, not a community park. You decide who gets a season pass. Remember the walls of Jericho? Those boundaries were no joke! So, let’s sketch those lines right and clear, ’cause guess what, they’re as important as the action within.

Now, come close and lend an ear, this here is the secret sauce to any lasting relationship: communication. Ain’t no telepathy, ain’t no guessing games. It’s good ol’ sit-down-and-talk-it-out. If your fella’s holding your hand a touch too much, don’t go asking Google; ask him! Remember the walls of Jericho? It didn’t crumble by sheer will; it took Joshua communicating commandments from heaven.

Just remember, dealing with a touchy boyfriend ain’t no rocket science. It’s about yanking the steering wheel of consent, drawing the roadmap of your boundaries, and choosing the right words from your communication toolkit. You got this!

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Let’s dish out the key bit, the secret ingredient to handling your touchy boyfriend situation. Balance, darling. Yes, you heard it right. Remember King Solomon? He was all about balance—with wisdom in one hand and justice in the other. It’s much the same here. Weighing up understanding his possible reasons and standing firm on your boundaries won’t just reduce the awkwardness, but also save you a giant headache.

End of the day, if your fella’s getting a touch handy, don’t go all Juno on him. He might be channelling his inner baloney, communicating his emotions, or heck, even radiating cuddle hormones. But remember, you’re the boss of your space—your Say goes! Talk it out, lay down the law and while you’re at it, remember to laugh a little.

Boyfriend troubles can be as tricky as David facing Goliath but hey, we all know who won that battle, don’t we? So just keep your sling ready and face it head-on. You got this. It ain’t an end, folks, just a beginning of another chapter. Cooking tips for surviving a zombie apocalypse next, maybe?