How to Treat Your Boyfriend Right

Ever pondered what it takes to keep your beau on cloud nine, just like Noah kept all the animals in the ark, two by two, without them resorting to devouring each other?

You’re about to discover the holy grail of boyfriend joy, the secrets of which, I assure you, are as elusive as a camel passing through the eye of a needle.

Intrigued? Stay with me, for the saga is only just beginning.

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Understanding His Love Language

As the good book says, ‘Love is a language that’s not always spoken,’ so it’s high time we cracked the code of your beau’s romantic dialect, my dear! The Lord didn’t just write commandments on stone tablets, He also etched love languages into our hearts. So, how does your man express his affection? Through the laying of hands on a leaky faucet, or the whispering of sweet nothings in your ear?

Firstly, you must part the Red Sea of confusion with the staff of understanding. Think Moses, but with less locusts and more love. Is your man a giver of gifts or a doer of deeds? Does he value quality time or prefer physical touch? Perhaps he’s a words of affirmation kind of guy.

And remember, just like the manna from heaven, each love language is unique and to be cherished. So worry not if your beau’s dialect seems as foreign as Aramaic. ‘Tis simply a matter of translation! And lo and behold, once you’ve deciphered his love language, you’ll be singing psalms of praise in perfect harmony.

But remember, the language of love’s a two-way conversation, so make sure he understands your dialect too!

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Regularly Communicating Effectively

While you’re busy decoding his love dialect, don’t forget to keep your own communication clear and consistent. For as Solomon himself would attest, a relationship without proper discourse is like a temple without a foundation. Just as Moses stuttered his way to Pharaoh, you too may stumble through your words. Fear not, for it’s not the eloquence of your speech, but the sincerity of your heart that matters.

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Now, you might be thinking, ‘But the Ten Commandments didn’t include ‘Thou shalt not deliver mixed signals’!’ True, but we’ve all seen what happens when the Israelites misunderstood Moses. So, stick to your guns, be as clear as the Red Sea parting, and as consistent as the manna from heaven.

And remember, just like the Tower of Babel incident, miscommunication can lead to major confusion. So, practice, practice, and when you’re done, practice some more.

Don’t be like Jonah, trying to run from difficult conversations. Face them head on, like David did Goliath. Your relationship isn’t a battleground, but it does require bravery. So, talk, listen, and understand. Because in the gospel of love, communication is your daily bread and butter.

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Showing Genuine Interest in His Passions

Just like Noah had a burning passion for his ark-building project, it’s important for you to show genuine interest in your boyfriend’s passions and hobbies. Picture yourself as the Eve to his Adam, in a garden filled with the fruits of his interests. Now, you don’t have to be a walking Wikipedia on his favorite soccer team, but a few well-timed questions during the game can show you’re as involved as Moses was with those Ten Commandments.

Let’s say your man is a fervent fan of Star Trek. Maybe, the closest you’ve been to a starship is when you confused the USS Enterprise with a shopping complex. Fear not. Humor is your savior. Try saying, ‘Darling, I can’t tell a Vulcan from a hole in the ground, but I love the way your eyes light up when Captain Kirk appears on screen.’

Showing interest doesn’t mean pretending to love what he loves, rather it’s about appreciating his passion. Remember, Ruth didn’t follow Naomi because she loved barley and wheat, but because she loved Naomi. So, laugh with him, learn from him, and no matter what, let him know his passions matter to you.

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Respecting His Personal Space

Though the Good Book may not explicitly mention the term ‘personal space,’ it’s a sacred territory as vital as the land promised to Abraham, so when your boyfriend retreats to his man cave or loses himself in his headphones, don’t take it as a sign of rejection, but rather an act of rejuvenation.

Just like Moses needed forty years in the desert to prepare for his divine mission, your boyfriend might occasionally need forty minutes (or hours) of solitude to recharge his batteries. It’s not that he’s turning into a hermit or planning to part the Red Sea anytime soon, he’s just respecting his need for personal space, and so should you.

Imagine, if you will, Noah’s Ark crammed not just with pairs of every animal, but also their in-laws, their neighbors, and their noisy offspring. That’s what it feels like when personal space is violated. So, before you decide to stage a surprise invasion into his sacred territory, remember to knock on the door of his ark. Respect his personal space, as you’d want yours respected. It’s an essential part of treating your boyfriend right, thus making your relationship as harmonious as a choir of angels.

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Keeping Trust and Honesty Paramount

In the grand tale of love, trust and honesty form the bedrock upon which you can build a cathedral of shared dreams; without them, your relationship may crumble like the walls of Jericho. You must be as transparent as the waters of the river Jordan, and as truthful as Moses delivering the Ten Commandments.

Remember dear reader, the art of maintaining trust and honesty isn’t the labor of Hercules, it’s as simple as following these divine commandments:

  • Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy boyfriend, even when the temptation is as strong as Samson.
  • Remember the golden rule, and do unto your boyfriend as you’d have him do to you. Lying can be as contagious as a plague of locusts, and twice as destructive.
  • Keep your promises. Breaking a vow can be as catastrophic as the great flood, and it’ll take more than an ark to repair the damage.

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Valuing His Opinions

Amidst the symphony of love, his voice too deserves a solo, for valuing your man’s opinions is as crucial as Noah valued each creature on his ark. Yes, you heard it right. His thoughts aren’t mere whispers in the wind, but a roaring thunder in the heart of your relationship.

So, how can you show you value his opinions? Let’s delve into that.

Listen attentively Interrupt him
Show understanding Dismiss his thoughts
Encourage him to speak Dominate the conversation
Respect his viewpoint Mock his ideas
Learn from his insights Assume you know better

Practicing Patience and Forgiveness

Just as God’s patience with us is as enduring as the sands of the Sahara, so too must your patience with your beau be unyielding, and your forgiveness, as plentiful as the manna from heaven. When he leaves his beard trimmings in the sink, or forgets your special day, remember the patience of Job. Yes, the same Job who wrestled with the Almighty, and yet maintained his faith.

Practicing patience and forgiveness can feel as daunting as Moses’ journey through the wilderness. But, fear not, for the Lord has left us a few tips, witty and divine:

  • Treat his faults as you’d a gnat in your chalice of wine. Scoop it out, take a sip, and carry on.
  • Remember that his sins are as fleeting as your memory of last Sunday’s sermon. They’ll be replaced by new ones soon enough.
  • When anger rises, think of David’s harp. Its soothing melodies calmed Saul’s rage. Find your ‘harp’, be it a deep breath or a quiet prayer.

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Encouraging His Goals and Dreams

Much like the humble shepherd guiding his flock to greener pastures, you too must encourage your beloved’s dreams and aspirations, guiding him gently towards the Promised Land of his ambitions. Think of yourself as Moses, but with less beard and more fashion sense.

Your boyfriend’s dreams aren’t the proverbial manna from heaven, but they’re his guiding star, his North. Be his cheerleader, not his Pharaoh. As he parts the Red Sea of uncertainty, be his pillar of cloud by day, guiding him on his path. And when darkness falls, transform into his pillar of fire, illuminating his way.

Now, don’t mistake this as a call to build a golden calf to his ego. He’s not looking for a yes-woman, but a partner who’ll stand by his side and say, ‘You got this!’ or ‘This is as tricky as translating Aramaic.’ Embolden him to face the Goliaths of his life with the sling of self-belief. After all, behind every successful man, there’s a woman rolling her eyes at his corny jokes but still cheering him on!

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Prioritizing Quality Time Together

While you’re busy lighting his path like a beacon in the wilderness, don’t forget the sanctity of shared moments; for, in the hallowed halls of togetherness, you’ll find a treasure trove of love and laughter. As you journey through the labyrinth of love, remember that time spent together isn’t merely a tick-tock of the clock, but a divine dance of souls entwined in a ballet of bliss.

Here are a few sacred scrolls to guide you on this dance:

  • Do not confuse the clamor of the world with the whisper of the heart: In the hustle and bustle of daily life, don’t let the noisy world drown out the soft symphony of shared silence.
  • Cherish the ordinary moments as if they were extraordinary: A walk in the park or a quiet dinner at home can become a cathedral of connection if you’re truly present.
  • Engage in activities that make your spirits soar together: Whether it’s painting a sunset or conquering a mountain, it’s the shared experience that weaves the tapestry of togetherness.

Thus, in the grand theatre of life, ensure that quality time plays the starring role in your love story.

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Expressing Love and Affection Daily

In the great symphony of love, it’s the daily overtures of affection that compose the melody of a lasting relationship, so don’t hold back from showering your beau with tender words and warm embraces. Think of yourself as a modern-day Ruth, laying your heart at the feet of your Boaz, but with a little more sass and a lot less barley.

Now, let’s get down to the brass tacks. Here’s a handy, two-by-three table, chock full of wisdom straight from the Good Book… with a twist.

Action Result
Send random “I love you” texts He’ll feel like Solomon when he found out the Queen of Sheba was visiting
Give him a surprise hug He’ll be as excited as Elijah when his ravens brought food
Compliment him genuinely He’ll be as pleased as Job when he got everything back


As Noah loved his ark, let love for your beau be your noblest work. Be his cheerleader, his confidante, his sanctuary.

Speak his love language, listen to his dreams, respect his space, and trust him like Moses trusted his staff.

Like Solomon, show patience and forgiveness. Invest in quality time, shower him with love daily.

This is the comedy and complexity of love – a dance as intricate as David’s before the Ark.

To love, God bless!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Cope if My Boyfriend’s Love Language Is Different From Mine?

Learn his love language, like you’re deciphering ancient hieroglyphics. It’s not about changing yours, but understanding his. Remember, love’s a two-way street and it’s a hoot when you’re both fluent in each other’s language.

How Can I Help My Boyfriend Improve His Communication Skills?

You’re keen to boost your fella’s chat skills, eh? Encourage him to express himself openly. Listen attentively, respond thoughtfully and show patience. Remember, it’s not about ‘fixing’ him, but helping him grow. Love’s a funny old game!

What if My Boyfriend’s Passions Don’t Align With My Own Interests?

Fear not, child! If thy beau’s passions don’t align with thine, fret not. ‘Tis not a sign of doom! Find common ground, explore his interests, he’ll do the same. ‘Tis the dance of love, after all!

How Do I Maintain a Balance Between Giving My Boyfriend Personal Space and Feeling Disconnected?

Just like Moses parted the Red Sea, you too, can divide time for connection and solitude. Keep communication open, respect his space but don’t become a hermit. It’s a delicate dance, not a tug of war!

How Do I Rebuild Trust Once It’s Been Broken in a Relationship?

Rebuilding trust’s like mending a shattered vase. You’ve to pick up the pieces, carefully glue them back together. It’s slow, delicate work. Apologize sincerely, prove your words with actions, and give him time to heal.